Behind the Seams Featuring Dave Rastovich

Rasta heads to Sri Lanka to learn more about Fair Trade


We are a company lucky enough to manufacture our product in our backyard, source quality ingredients locally and ensure our brewers enjoy their working environment...and are paid a good wage for their craftsmanship. Not all industries have this advantage, some are unable to fully control the work environment which their product is being produced.

To support workers and promote transparency in the supply chain, Patagonia have released a clothing line made in Fair Trade Certified™ facilities, meaning a little extra is paid for each garment to ensure workers are paid more and can elevate their standard of living.

Patagonia ambassador Dave Rastovich heads to Sri Lanka to learn more about Fair Trade, meet the dedicated staff that work in the facility that produce Patagonia's garments and score a few fun waves. Watch 'Fair Trade: Behind the Seams' above.

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