A wintery ale to be enjoyed all year round

ALC / Vol 4.7%

Jasper Ale - The Story

In this part of the world there are only a few weeks of the year where it gets really cold, and even then you have to be in amongst the misty hills to really experience it.

So brewing big winter beers is something that we really don’t need to do a lot of but we have always wanted to brew a beer that would be more suited to the cooler months but one you could equally drink all year round, a beer that contrasts and balances the rest of the Stone & Wood beers.

Our Jasper Ale reflects the red volcanic soil of our hinterland and is brewed from a blend of pale and crystal malts. Jasper Ale is deep red, has a rich malt character and is well balanced with a firm spicy hop bitterness.

If you’re looking for a pidgeon hole to stick it in there’s no neat fit, but the inspiration comes from German Alt, American Amber Ale and an English Brown Ale styles. We love the spicy bitterness that a German hop such as Hersbrucker brings to a beer to balance that rich malt character.

Jasper Ale - On Film

Notes from the Crew

Jasper Ale Ingredients

We source our water straight from the Northern Rivers, filtering it then adding the minerals back in.

Premium German specialty malts including Vienna, and Munich

Jasper Ale features German Noble Hops including Hershbruker.

American Ale style.

Reviews from our Jasper Drinkers

A great tasting red ale style beer with a wonderful malt profile consisting of slightly burnt toffee & hints of wood smoke. This will definitely be a regular come the cooler months.
– @mr_koppa

I think I have a new fav Stone & Wood flavour.
– @mrandlittlemissfoley

Stone & Wood once again come up with a winner. Lovely malty flavour with a slight biscuity and bitter, fruity tast with hints of spice.
– @muir.cat

It’s our favourite time of year... When the nights cool off, the only beer we want to drink is Stone & Wood Jasper Ale!
– @ cambuswallace

The History of Jasper

The Jasper Ale borrows its name from a special place in our Northern Rivers region. The area now commonly known as Federal (20kms West of Byron Bay) was discovered by John Bate & William Risley in 1882. The pair explored the lush green hills to North-East of Lismore and eventually set up camp in an area they named, Jasper.

The early settlers helped each other clear land for farms, and later, the founding families established schools and churches. As a result of this pioneering approach, the renamed village of Federal developed a well-deserved reputation for community spirit, which continues to this day.

The Jasper Ale is an ode to this spirit, and a reminder of where we came from.