Our Mullum Music Fest Brew With Dustyesky



As the local independent brewer, we’re stoked to support the tenth annual Mullum Music Festival. Every November, Mullumbimby puts on a four-day music festival like no other and it all kicks off next Thursday!

Expressions of individuality and creativity can be found on every street corner, from singing, dancing, smiles, cold beers paired with delicious eats, to operas and acoustics, it’s exceptionally curated program has something for everyone.

For us, Mullum Music Festival is the ultimate Northern River’s experience and a celebration of our region’s unique local community and character.

This year we invited local Russian Choir, Dustyesky to spend some quality time in the brewery and collaborate on an exclusive Pilot Batch brew. Perfectly embodying the colour and quirk of our region, Dustyesky is a 28-piece choir from Mullumbimby, who perform traditional Russian and ‘red army’ songs. Whilst none of the members are from Russia, their incredible voices, collective passion and shared love for vodka make this hard to believe…

Our collab Pilot Batch dubbed The Red Russian Gherkin has been racked into kegs and now feverishly awaits its release at Mullum Music Festival. We spoke to choir member Mark Swivel, to learn more about the choir, their love for Mullum Music Festival and the beer…Enjoy (please read with a Slavic accent!)



What inspired Dustyesky to come about?

Real Russian choir expensive and live long way away. Genuine fake Russian choir cheap and live in Mullumgrad (with blow-ins from Byron).


Are all the choir’s members local to the area?

Very personal question. See above. Most of boys raised by wolves in Main Arm.


Apart from all sharing a love for vodka… are any members originally from Russia or speak the language?

Nyet. And um … nyet. Have you heard us?!


For the moment, what is the choir’s favourite song to perform?

Ochi Chornye, Means Dark Eyes. Is about heartbreak but make everyone dance and smile. Big mystery that.


Does the song have a significant traditional meaning?

Da. Is about traditional nervous breakdown human beings have when they get brushed by love interest.


Earlier this year the choir was broadcasted on Russian National Television, are there plans for Dustyesky to tour Russia?

Big plans. On A3 paper. Also whiteboard. We were going to have skywritings but that too much. Get real.


Describe Mullum Music Festival in three words?

Home of Dustyesky.


What is so special about performing at Mullum Music Festival?

We can walk to venues. Is best festival in world. Also, no queues, even for beer (different from old times in Murmansk, we queue for milk then, also creamed corn).


Are there particular acts you’re looking forward to seeing this year?

Frazey Ford. Ukelele Death Squad. Rebecca Ireland.


Talk to us about the inspiration behind Dustyesky’s Pilot Batch beer, brewed exclusively for the festival?

After hard day making tractors, gherkin liqueur not good. So, we make this one cold as tundra, strong as bear - to get you dancing like Cossack on day off.


Is there a traditional Slavic meal that would be best paired with the Pilot Batch brew?

We big on matching beers. Pork crackling good for this one. Maybe reindeer. For vegans, try stalk of fennel.


Not to be missed catch Dustyeksy at this year’s Mullum Music Festival, performing on Saturday 18 November from 3pm at the Civic Hall.