Stone Brew Day - Our autumn tradition...

Stone Beer is coming...

At the brewery, the arrival of the cooler months is welcomed with a feverish excitement… Not only is it an incredible time of year in our backyard, but a time when we bring our close friends together to brew our winter seasonal Stone Beer.

An annual tradition, Stone Brew Day pays tribute to the ancient techniques of brewing. Where long before the invention of steam and electricity, brewers added burning hot rocks to the kettle, to rouse the boil and intensify the malt character of their brew.

A few weeks back, we were lucky to have some of our close friends at our Byron Brewery, to join in our tradition and help brew this year’s Stone Beer….




As the sun began to dip behind the hinterland, the Stone Brew Day fire was lit and it was time for our crew to get their hands dirty… Everyone had a role to play, from milling in the six different grains, taking control of the brew deck, to adding rocks to the fire and hopping the beer.

Of course, there was ample time to enjoy each other’s company, the live tunes by local blues muso Riki Ektone, 100 Mile Table’s mouth-watering tucker and a few beers…






After dinner was served, a crowd formed around the fire and the rocks were ready. Just like the old days, our brewer Braydon lifted glowing red stones from the fire’s embers. A steel basket full of scalding hot rocks was then transported to the brew decks and lowered deep into the kettle, giving off a plume of steam. Beers in hand, everyone cheered at the spectacle….





For us, Stone Brew Day is much more than just brewing our seasonal release, it's about bringing our close community together and celebrating the origins of brewing. Stone Beer is now bubbling away in tank and waiting to be released, be the first to try it at this year’s Festival of the Stone on Sunday 11 June…our brewery’s biggest event of the year!

Don't miss out on this year's event, sign up for pre-sale tickets and more details via the Festival of the Stone website and stay tuned for the epic line up of music and good food.