A Handcrafted Perspective: The Artisan Press

SWX - Commemorating 10 years of beers!


For us, we are forever fascinated by the finer details and the process of how something has come to be. As a handcrafted brewery, it's not unusual, that this arises from a deep appreciation of all that is made by hand... where one's personality, attention to detail and energy has carefully been transpired into a product, nursing it from concept or raw material state to completion and enjoyment.

For the swing tag on our SWX Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, we worked with local letterpress printer Wayne at The Artisan Press.

Wayne has been producing quality letterpress for over 20 years. Proud, yet humble about what he does, Wayne has a passion and good eye for the detail of the centuries-old art form. Check out the video to see Wayne work his magic and give insight about these incredible machines.

You can buy our SWX beer packs online now, these include a bottle of SWX barrel aged imperial stout, a wooden SWX bottle opener and one of Wayne's letterpress prints.

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SWX beer pack - Now available: