A Local Perspective - Jess Flynn

Jess migrated to Byron in pursuit of her passions, waves, sunshine and a creative community...

We take a few moments to sit down with one of the crew and get to know a little bit about their life in the Northern Rivers.

Born in Canada, Jess migrated to Byron's shores in pursuit of her passions, waves, sunshine and a creative community... Here she has set-up an incredible life, where in between creating positive change, teaching yoga and long boarding at the Pass/Wategos, she helps run our brewery's Tasting Room and support our community program. An all round legend that were so thankful to have, read on to learn a little bit more about her life in our beautiful backyard...

Describe your perfect day in the Northern Rivers…
Waking up slow to good music, do a little yoga before heading to the ocean for a wave. Likely I’d sit at Tully’s for a long coffee or two, over a bit of knitting and a good book. If ambition was high I’d grab a mate and head down to Shelter in Lennox for a late brekky and hopefully another surf, otherwise just to take in that beautiful part of the coastline, or hit Ballina skate park. Back to the bay by the afternoon, snack on some dumplings, find the rest of my favourite people and take the longboards and a few beers to either Pass or Wategos for sunset. Stay salty and grab a bite at Taste of Melaka. Maybe a cheeky little cocktail or two and then I guess it would probably finish off with the good ol’ Rails/Northern combo dancing to my favourite music.

What excites you most about the area?
The community! How many passionate and inspiring people are living in such a small area; I’m constantly inspired by the driven creatives. We’re lucky!

Tell us about any local events you’ve attended recently
Byron Surf Fest just last month was an absolute hit. It doesn’t really get any better than bringing all the surf/ocean/environment/community frothers all together over waves and good beer. Also last weekend I hit up Jess Leitmanis’ art exhibit Excavations of the Deep – it’s phenomenal – go to Lone Goat gallery and check it out. As for dinners – I just got back from Sri Lanka and can’t stop making curry – so I’ve been loving having my mates round to cook for and test out recipes.

What’s your favourite local brand at the moment and why?
I can’t get enough of our local brands – so stoked on the quality of brands the Bay has to offer. In the water, I’m 100% wearing Atmosea for swimmers (they actually stay on in the surf) and their wetty’s are super comfortable. On land I’m usually dressed in The Bare Road – ethical fashion, denim, linen, silk and cotton, that pretty much covers it all hey?

What’s your favourite beer at the moment?
OH it’s hard to choose a favourite. I could never turn down a sour beer, and I’m sooo nerdy about spontaneous fermentation beer. 8 Wired, which is a brewery out of New Zealand, make a pretty amazing Berliner Weisse called the Hippy Berliner which I really love. I love The Grifter’s entire range from Sydney – sooo good. But I think my forever favourite is our Cloud Catcher.

Where is the ideal place to enjoy your favourite coldie?
The ideal place is anywhere I can watch the ocean and horizon! Watching water move around is calming - plus fresh air, good beer and good friends, winning.

Surf photo credit Alex Roberts