Proud to be 100% independent

With the launch of the Independent Brewers Association’s independence seal today, we’re proud to stand alongside our industry body and Aussie independent brewers to support this initiative and encourage drinkers to ask for ‘indie beer’.

Remaining fiercely independent is one of our core values and we feel it is important to grow to help drinkers and community easily identify what beers are locally owned by independent Australian brewers.

When you buy a beer with a Stone & Wood label on it, you can have faith in it because you know what you’re getting, you know who the people are behind it, and you know what we stand for.

Despite the constant rumours of us being ‘the next one to go’, we are firmly focussed on being a local independent brewery, supporting the community, minimising our footprint, and bringing our team on as co-owners in the business.

For us, this way of doing business balances creating a sustainable profit with doing good. It sets us on a course to remaining an independent company for generations to come.

Our belief is that by supporting local independent breweries, you are directly supporting your local community.

With over 420 independent breweries (and growing!), we’re looking forward to seeing this seal unite us as a marker that represents not only independence but also community; one that helps drinkers choose ‘Independent’ when they make their beer purchases.

In the coming months you’ll see us proudly displaying this seal on our packaging and website.

Cheers to independence!

If you would like to read more on Stone & Wood’s opinion on remaining independent, check out their blog post, Have Faith.

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