Byron Bike Rack Project was a public competition calling local residents to enter their designs to create sculptural bike racks for the town of Byron with the aim to encourage the public to ride, rather than drive by creating a set of sculptural, functional, public art bike racks.

Stone & Wood and the Byron Shire Council were stoked to support an environmentally progressive and creative initiative for the community. It was a mammoth journey dating back to 2016 when Stone & Wood first proposed the concept to the Byron Shire council, walking the town to locate the bike rack sites, running a public competition over 3 months commencing at the back end of 2017, to having 23 solid, local resident submissions, 6 skilled finalists submit such detailed and well thought out entries, being able to work alongside such talented, local individuals including winners LARC Collective from Bangalow and their design HAPPY HOOPS which created a set of functional, sculptural bike racks installed in 2018 for the public’s use in the town of Byron.

Luke Jones and David Thompson from LARC Collective Landscapes Architects won the Byron Bike Rack Project funding them $20,000 to bring their design ‘Happy Hoops’ to life and create sculptural bike racks for the town of Byron.

“Happy Hoops delivered a fantastic entry that ranked highly in all areas of the judging criteria.” says Sarah Blomkamp from Stone & Wood Brewery, “The judge’s initial impression of their entry was they liked the simplicity, sophisticated image drawings from local iconography in a subtle (not cheesy) way. It looked practical, functional, affordable, and replicable. The result is a super fun, simplistic design - both a compliment to the visions of our contemporary, coastal village and an ode to the past with the use of bold, retro colours to add to the aesthetics of our town”.

Happy Hoops are constructed using the highest quality stainless-steel, tube construction and powder coated in bright, retro colours all using local manufacturers. Luke and David explain of their design, “The suite of Happy Hoops consists of Peace Loop, Wave Window, Sun Follower and Rainbow Ring all eluding to the life we live in Byron Bay. The culture of Byron and Northern Rivers is deeply rooted around the beautiful environment we live amongst and each of the four elements reflect this. The functionality of each design has been key in its evolution – pared back and simple, much like life in Byron Bay.”

Installed by the Byron Shire Council at 4 different locations around town (with another site in the pipeline), local residents and visitors to the Byron Shire can lock their bikes onto locally designed bike racks inspired by the region’s beautiful environment and fun lifestyle located at:

Apex Park - Wave Windows
The Balcony Bar - Sun Followers
The Great Northern – Peace Loops
Johnson Street Fig Trees/Crossing – Rainbow Rings

“This whole project has been an amazing journey for Stone & Wood. We are stoked at the result and that there are so many touch points that go beyond just creating bike racks for the town of Byron,” says Sarah Blomkamp, “Special thanks to all those involved including the Byron Shire Public Art Panel judges, the locally hand-selected judges, Byron Shire Council, Miller Metal Imaging for the plaques, the winners LARC Collective and their local manufacturers and all those that entered – and now all those that will opt to ride rather than drive by using the bike racks.”