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We are proud to be a 100% independent regional brewer.

We made the tough choice to invest heavily in our local community and build a new brewery in the region instead of outsourcing our growth, and having beer contract brewed. We value our local community and those that support us, so we are creating jobs and adding value to our good partners (our local suppliers).

Remaining independent means many things to us. For us, it means that we stand behind our beers, knowing that we are producing a quality product that is tested by our team and has met our own high standards before allowing it to leave our brewery gates;

It means that despite outside pressures, we are able to grow sustainably, treading lightly and remembering we’re the only planet with beer while doing good in our community.

We have two breweries, both based in the Northern Rivers, our home. We feel stoked to show people our backyard – the beaches, hinterland and surrounding towns, to have people now able to drop in and enjoy a beer and tour at our Byron shed and to be able to come to work each day to brew good beer in a very special part of the world.

Stone & Wood Brewery Byron Bay

Stone & Wood Brewery Byron Bay is the birthplace and the heartbeat of Stone & Wood. It is in hippy terms, our spiritual home.

Since opening the Murwillumbah brewery back in July 2014, the Byron shed has become a place for us to be able to brew our limited releases, hold the occasional event or fundraiser and welcome those who are keen to see how we brew handcrafted beer and of course try it!

We recently commissioned our pilot brewery, which will give the brewers the chance to jump on and brew some experimental batches that’ll appear in the tasting room and at a select few venues from time to time.

Nothing makes us more stoked to have people rock up for some beer, a carton or a tour and tell us their unique story about how they first tried our beer and for us to be able to show them around and tell them ours. If you’re around town, let us know you’re coming and drop in!

Due to the experience we want to give to our drinkers that make the pilgrimage to our brewery, groups larger than 8 people MUST phone ahead to make a reservation.

If you are on a Bucks Party or looking to get buck wild, our Tasting Room experience is not for you, as our license doesn’t allow us to operate as a bar. Confused? Call us 02 6685 9220

*We will be moving our brewing tanks to our new site from Saturday 5th, August. This means some of our brewery facilities will not be in our Byron Tasting Room to see during our tours. Tours will still be running at Boronia Place until we relocate later in the year.

Brewery & Tasting Room Operating Hours (Note: we operate on NSW time)

Monday 10am-5pm Tours 11am / 3pm
Tuesday 10am-5pm No Tours
Wednesday 10am-5pm Tours 11am / 3pm
Thursday 10am-5pm Tours 11am / 3pm
Friday 10am-5pm Tours 11am / 1pm / 3pm
Saturday 12-5pm Tours 12:30pm / 2pm / 4pm
Sunday 12-5pm Tours 12:30pm / 2pm / 4pm

Brewery & Tasting Room closures:

Friday 9th November - CLOSED FROM 3PM Closed for maintenance
Saturday 10th November - CLOSED ALL DAY  Closed for maintenance
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