GoodGathering Byron Bay


BYRON BAY EVENT: Join this community event inspiring conscious knowledge and idea sharing

Sustainable Valley

12/7 Grevillea St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

The purpose of this event is to activate the community – to get you talking, to help you get to know the other awesome people in the community, to make connections and find potential collaborations.

A mouthful! But oh-so-deliciously-chewy right? All this goodness stems from you finding your shared purpose. These events are a-buzz with just the right kind of vibe. We are a high-frequency community of amazing, conscious people who are working to make the world the better place we want it to be.

If you are picking up what we are putting down, then you gotta come!

Event Details

Date Friday, August 02
Time 6.00pm
Location NSW Events
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