South West Beerfest


MACARTHUR EVENT: Head to the Ambarvale Hotel for the venue's very own craft beer festival

The Ambarvale Hotel

57 Woodhouse Dr, Ambarvale NSW 2560

The Ambarvale Hotel is excited to announce its very own craft beer festival, South West Beer Fest.

With the launch of its very own Ambarvale Brewing Co beers, the venue's goal with this festival is to continue to grow craft beer appreciation in the Macarthur region. This is an event that the team at the Ambarvale Hotel are passionate about.

We'll be there alongside some of the country's best craft breweries as we descend on the Ambarvale Hotel for one afternoon!

What goes hand in hand with great beer? Great food. Goodtime Burgers, El Topo Cantina and our own Ambarvale Smoker will be set up in their backyard to satisfy those hunger cravings. Plus, the Sweet Jelly Rolls will be performing live between 2-5pm with a DJ set following to keep the party vibes happening.

* Festival entry is free.
* Event tokens are required to purchase beer from the Brewery Stalls.
* Event tokens can only be purchased within the venue, The Ambarvale Hotel.
* Pre-purchase 8 event tokens for $25.
* On Sunday, 18 August 2019, purchase 8 event tokens for $30.

Event Details

Date Sunday, August 18
Time 12.00pm
Location NSW Events
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