Pilot Batch - Florida Weisse

Our latest release from the Pilot Brewery, tart, tropical and thirst quenching!

Ideas can surface from anywhere and there’s nothing quite like watching one come to fruition… It’s epic. From the initial light bulb moment through to attentive planning, gathering of ingredients, and the brew day. Then there’s a spine tingling wait as we nurse the beer through ferment and conditioning before we can finally kick back to enjoy the first frothy sips of the beery creation…

Our eighth Pilot Batch is an experimental brew dreamt up by a few of the legends from our crew; Karli (Engagement), Tom and Krista (Road Crew), Ryan (Packaging) and Frank (Lab). Led by brewers, Caolan, Louis, Michael and Andy, the team brought different areas of the business together, throwing different perspectives and ideas into the mix. After brew storming, the team decided on a Florida Weisse; a sour beer brewed with local fruits added to enhance flavour.

A regional variation of a Berliner Weisse, Florida Weisses are known for their complex and delicious balance of ‘tart’ and ‘sweet’. Light bodied and lower in alcohol, with a direct addition of tropical fruit during ferment, Florida Weisses are complex thirst quenchers perfectly enjoyed pool or ocean side on a hot sunny day.

Our Florida Weisse puts a ‘Byron’ spin on a traditional German wheat beer. Fermented with fresh guava and pineapple, the beer has subtle fruity notes to compliment the beautiful, bready character of the wheat. The finish is tart thirst quenching and moreish!

Like all our other Pilot Batch brews the Florida Weisse is a small batch…special, limited and once gone, may never return.

Find it locally going on tap at; our Tasting Room in Byron, The Northern Hotel, Welders Dog, Lester & Earl and Bine.

Flroida Weisse Pouring Pilot Batch