For Cups Sake!

Introducing our new cup exchange program for the Mullum Music Fest...

We are stoked and excited to announce that we will be eliminating single use cups from the Mullum Music Festival this year with the launch of our new cup exchange. The Cup Exchange will be launched this weekend at the Festival’s 10 year anniversary, the first for the Byron Shire.

“After years of searching for a solution, we are thrilled to partner with Mullum Music Festival to introduce re-useable cups through our Cup Exchange,” says Sarah Blomkamp who looks after community partnerships for Stone & Wood.

“The amount of hours we have dedicated to this conversation around viable alternatives has been crazy! We’re just stoked to be able to trial it with at the festival and hopefully be able to integrate this solution at more events in the future,” she said.

So how does it work?

It works as a circular economy, closing the loop on a cup’s lifecycle, meaning it will never end up in landfill. Drinkers will be able to purchase their cup with their first drink. The cup can then be taken home to be used again and again or returned for a refund.

For those drinkers wishing to have another beer they can exchange it for a fresh cup for no extra cost. All cups will be removed from the site and commercially washed to Australian Food Safety standards. The cups will then be returned for us to use them for future events!

The benefits of using The Cup Exchange are:

  • Reduces the number of cups used. By re-using the cups we reduce the number of cups required for events as opposed to using a single-use alternative.
  • The best waste – is no waste!
  • Our cups will never end up in landfill and will never need to be recycled in commercial recycling centres as we send all cups to be 100% recycled back at our cup manufacturer and supplier Globelet
  • Globelet cups are made of polypropylene #5 which is BPA free, tough and durable and made to withstand high heats ensuring our cups will last 100s of washes or years of events.
  • It encourages a circular economy
  • We work with the DCA to wash our cups, employing people that may not be able to be employed elsewhere
  • The wastewater produced by the Globelet washing procedure is non-polluting as we use a washing solution that is environmentally friendly and created by ECOSTORE.

We are hoping to implement The Cup Exchange at all of our local events as well as across the country in time.

If you're around the Northern Rivers come say hi, enjoy a cold frothy, listen to some great music and grab a momento of the 10 anniversary of the Mullum Music Festival happening this weekend. We'll be parked up at the festival pouring cold beers from our beer truck 'Clyde'. Be sure to give our Red Russian Gherkin beer a try, brewed especially for the Mullum Music Fest with our mates Dustyesky!