Getting away this weekend?

Be inspired by Frontier Tribe’s Northern NSW - Family Travel Guide.

We’re serious fans of Josh, Kez and their son Zion Bennet. A young van-life family of three who do life different. Carving a unique path from their passions, their latest venture is dedicated to teaching and inspiring a slower, conscious and more nourishing lifestyle. A lifestyle that focuses on; taking it slow, keeping it simple, spending quality time with loved ones in the outdoors, whilst also treading as lightly as possible on our precious earth.

Previously the brains behind print publication Frontier Journal, Josh (part-time school teacher) and Kez (photographer and graphic designer) have adapted their side project to keep things fresh and accommodate for the welcomed life change of starting a family. Now Frontier Tribe, a digital publishing house that offers; travel destination inspo, campsite plant-based recipes, mindfulness reminders, tips for life on the road with a youngster and Family Travel Guide – eBooks… Did we also mention the stunning photography? If their words don’t ignite your sense of adventure, Kez’s calm and candid photographs will.

So, if you’re hitting the road this weekend, and wish to do so in a more meaningful and conscious way, purchase Frontier Tribe’s recently published eBook, the 'Northern NSW – Family Travel Guide’. It will help take the stress out of preparing for a family camping adventure, and ensure you enjoy your time away as seamlessly and meaningfully as possible.

Happy Camping!