Good Beer Talk: Kveik IPA

Our beer of the month...

Kveik IPA - 6.4% ABV

We want to get the good beer chat flowing and your mouth salivating. In our latest blog series Good Beer Talk, our beer experts discuss tasting notes, history and what goes into our beer of the month. It's not always what we have in the tanks or taps but beer styles handpicked by our brewers that we really love.

This month our beer of choice is a Kveik IPA...


For the first time we have brewed a beautiful fruit forward IPA in our Pilot Brewery with some very special yeast hailing from Norway. Kveik (say it like “kwike”) means “yeast” in certain Norwegian dialects and covers a broad range of yeast cultures collected and propagated on farms throughout Norway for centuries.


A couple of farmers and yeast fanatics continue the tradition of propagating these special cultures using yeast covered linens or wooden rings. We sourced our Kveik from our lab yeast supplier on this occasion and will continue to trial the yeast with a range of pilot brews in 2019 after the interesting and enjoyable properties encountered with our first trial brew. Kveik is said to be heat and alcohol tolerant, can be dried and reused, ferment quickly and give consistent flavour profiles such as lemon, lime and funk.


Our Kveik IPA pours super hazy with a moderate head and carbonation. With a well-rounded Maris Otter and wheat backbone and generously hopped with Amarillo and Citra, this golden fruit bounty is stunning and a must try if you’re passing through our Byron tasting room.