Good Beer Talk - Migaloo White Stout

Good beer chat with our beer experts.

Migaloo White Stout (4.5%)

We want to get the good beer chat flowing and your mouth salivating. In our latest blog series Good Beer Talk, our beer experts discuss tasting notes, history and what goes into our beer of the month. It's not always what we have in the tanks or taps but beer styles handpicked by our brewers that we really love.

This month our beer of choice is a White Stout...

The White Stout reminds drinkers not to judge a beer by its cover. Oxymoronic in name and enigmatic in nature, it continues to stir debate in the brew world; the Beer Judge Certification Program and the Brewers Association haven’t even classified it.

When we think of stout, we picture a rich, dark and creamy ale on a rainy day or a cold night –but our Migaloo White Stout is a different story. With its gorgeous golden hue, it’s rich in aroma from the additions of cacao nibs and roasted coffee, while the lactose we added in the kettle and the generous amounts of rolled wheat in the brew lend a soft and creamy mouthfeel. Along with the hint of vanilla, the Migaloo White Stout is perfect for pairing with chocolate or your favourite dessert.

We named our white stout ‘Migaloo’ after Australia’s well-known humpback whale. Every year, we can track the Migaloo’s migration as it makes its way up the east coast from Antarctica to the warmer waters of Northern NSW.

If you’ve formerly shied away from dark beers because of their colour and intensity, our Migaloo White Stout is the ideal variation – a lighter approach to the complex flavours of coffee, vanilla and chocolate found in a traditional stout.

Migaloo is now pouring for a limited time in our Byron tasting room.

Words by our beer wizard, Jess Flynn.