Helping Our Team Carve Out Their Passions

Watch: A Handcrafted Perspective - Wreki


Watch: A Handcrafted Perspective - Wreki

Earlier this year, our Gold Coast rep Patty Coulson decided to make a bed.

But not just any bed; a handcrafted piece of woodwork using recycled timber with his local mate Lambert Vrain, a woodworker who runs his business, Wreki Quality Carpentry and Woodwork, out of his back shed in Upper Duroby, NSW.

Despite not having much experience in woodwork, “I wanted to learn from someone who was so passionate about craftmanship,” Patty says about the project. According to him, using recycled timber for the bed was one of the most rewarding and wholesome parts of watching the piece come to life.

“I like working with recycled timber because it has so much character and the fact that I’m not contributing to any deforestation. I’m buying it from someone that’s torn a house down and they want to sell it to someone that’s going to use it for some good, I’m giving the wood a second life, which is a whole thing of beauty that I’m attracted to.” Says Lambert.

Supporting Patty behind this project was our Personal Development Fund that we offer permanent employees that have been with us for 12 months.

Part of our passion for leading and promoting healthy work-life balance, this fund renews for our team members once per year, helping them develop their current passions or pursue an entirely new dream – or build the bed they’ve always wanted.