In Our Backyard: Paper Daisy

On the menu: Spent beer grain pastry with grilled orange, cream & ice cream

Since our humble beginnings back in 2008, we've had the support of the local community as well as incredible customers that we call friends. They share our passion for good beer and many stock us exclusively, alongside other local wines and spirits, that are paired with fresh, local produce. One such place is Halcyon House’s award-winning Paper Daisy.

Upon walking into the glamorous white walled hotel, you’re greeted by a backdrop of shady pandanus, lush lawns and glimpses of the sea. The light, bright and breezy restaurant opens onto a sunlit turquoise pool and bar invites you to grab a Green Coast Lager or Aperol Spritz.


Last week we caught up with award-winning chef Ben Devlin. Ben has a passion for local ingredients and a talent for bringing to life the restaurant’s ethos of sophisticated simplicity, showcasing our region’s unique produce and provides Paper Daisy diners a memorable coastal dining experience. He was kind enough to sit down over a beer and share his recipe with us, a delicious pastry, grilled orange and ice cream dessert, that uses our spent grain from the brewing process.


Chef Ben Devlin working his magic in the Paper Daisy kitchen


“The spent grain mix that remains after the production of beer is a product that has almost limitless possibilities if you put the effort into it, and by using the seasonal Stone Beer in this recipe we can double down on the roasted malty, Smokey flavour. That helps a style of pastry that is typically light in flavour to take on a whole new level of depth” - Chef Ben Devlin


Cold Pacific Ale with spent beer grain pastry with grilled orange, cream & ice cream


Check out the step-by-step recipe below for Ben's spent grain pastry with grilled orange, cream and ice cream. The spent grain from our 2018 Stone Beer features in the pastry and the ice cream. As an alternative, you can use malt or cocoa as a substitute.



Spent beer grain pastry with grilled orange, cream & ice cream

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100ml Stone & wood stone beer
100ml water
95g butter
3G salt
3G brown sugar
17g milk powder
110g plain flour
30g roasted, milled spent beer grain (could be substituted for malt or cocoa)
200g eggs

This part should be done at least 2 hours ahead, or at most 2 days ahead.

Combine the beer, water, salt and sugar bring to a simmer, add in the butter and stir until melted. Add the milk powder and whisk quickly to remove any lumps, bring the mixture to a boil, add the flour and beer grain on the heat, stir quickly and then cook the mixture until it balls away from the edge of the pot, and smells of biscuits. Add the mixture to a mixing bowl fitted with a paddle attachment, mix for 30 seconds and then slowly add in the egg mixing well to combine, transfer the mixture to a clean container with a lid and chill. Transfer the cool mixture to a piping bag with a fluted nozzle, pipe the mixture out onto baking paper in a ring approximately 6cm in diameter and store in the fridge until ready to serve

Orange glaze
100g orange juice
30g brown sugar
10g Stone & wood stone beer

Combine the orange juice and brown sugar, reduce it to a thick glaze, add the beer and remove from the heat. Cool.

Grilled orange jam
2 oranges
Sugar, salt, orange juice to season

If you are lucky enough to have a wood fired grill/oven bury the oranges whole in the coals remaining after you have cooked up a meal. Failing that roast them slowly in the oven at a low temperature. Split the oranges in half and remove the seeds, then blend the whole orange with a little sugar, salt and orange juice until it is a lightly bitter, sweet jam.

Spent beer grain ice cream

300ml Milk
70g Cream
40g Dextrose powder
10g Sugar
5g Glucose
10g Skim milk powder
40g roasted, spent beer grains

Dissolve the dextrose, sugar and trimoline in half of the milk over a gentle heat. Whisk in the milk powder and stabiliser bring to the boil and cook out the powders, add in the rest of the milk and cream and the spent beer grains, chill overnight. Blend the mixture with a hand immersion blender, strain and freeze in an ice cream machine.

Orange cream
100g pure cream
20g grilled orange jam
5g sugar
Whisk ingredients to semi firm peaks, chill.

To serve:
Frying oil (prefer canola oil)
Roasted, milled spent beer grain powder
Heat a small pot of oil to 175*c

Add the pastry to the frying pot, the easiest way to do this is to cut the paper that the pastry is piped onto, around the pastry, and place the whole piece of paper and pastry into the frying oil. Flip it in the oil and keep basting it to ensure it cooks evenly. When it is coloured evenly remove it from the oil, drain it on paper towel for 5 seconds, then brush the pastry with the orange glaze. Serve with a little orange jam, a spoon of orange cream, spent beer grain ice cream and a dust of beer grain powder.

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