Jasper Ale Has a New Look and Taste

Jasper Ale joins Beers From Our Backyard as a rich red hoppy ale...


Paying homage to the hinterland village Federal, once known as Jasper.

You may have noticed that our Jasper Ale has changed....It has joined the Beers From Our Backyard range, meaning it looks different and we’ve tweaked the recipe.


The unique brews from Beers From Our Backyard celebrate the landmarks of the Northern Rivers, so it only made sense for Jasper Ale to join the range. Inspired by the one street town called Federal, that is perched up in the hills, the land around this area of our backyard (once known as Jasper) is rich in volcanic soil that in some parts are the colour of the label and the beer.


Bigger and bolder, we’re stoked to see our Jasper Ale sit alongside Cloud Catcher and our limited release new age lager Big Scrub (coming out in September) by becoming a hoppy red ale.


The tropical fruit aromas of our Northern Rivers backyard come from the generous additions of Galaxy, Enigma and Mosaic hops. These are balanced with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel from the selection of roasted malts that give hints of caramel, toffee and hazelnut, finishing with a firm bitterness.


Tune into our Facebook this Thursday, August 3rd at 6 pm. We'll be going live with our head brewer Caolan and our tasting room manager Cale to discuss all Jasper Ale updates, and the reason behind the new Jasper Ale look and taste.