Nine New Pilot Batch Beers

Coming your way Good Beer Week!

Our Pilot Brewery has been working in overdrive.

In the lead up to GABS and Melbourne's Good Beer Week, our Pilot Batch brewers have been getting crafty up on the brew deck, experimenting with all sorts of recipes we've never brewed before!

We've sent a truck your way Melbourne, jam-packed with nine Pilot Batch beers ready to make you salivate and quench that thirst. Get along to one of our events at Good Beer Week or come and see us at GABS and give these tasty brews a try.


True to type, this Hemp Seed Scotch Ale is all about malt. Scrumptious flavours of biscuit, toffee, raisins, and a hint of roast are delivered by the caramel and aromatic malts in the grist, whilst the hemp seeds provide a distinct nuttiness that works perfectly in this style of beer. Mild esters and malty aromas are carried by the heady 7.1%ABV, and a moderate bitterness does not detract from this malty, amber beer.

ABV 7.1%


The Prequel is an ultra-dry-hopped Australian style ale that pours hazy gold and full strength. The copious additions of Galaxy hops offer powerful aromas of passionfruit, pineapple, mango and citrus. Its bold hop character is refreshingly balanced by a low bitterness, finishing dry and crisp...

ABV 6.8%
IBU 45
OE 14.5 P
AE 2.0 P

Malts - pale, wheat and flaked wheat
Hops - Galaxy

It has more 25 times the number of galaxy hops added to the brew house than Pacific Ale does. 99.5% of this was added into the whirlpool for maximum flavour and aroma. This addition was 5g/l of hopping in the whirlpool. This addition was limited by the amount of bitterness we wanted in the beer and we do get approx. 10-15 %utilisation on whirlpool additions.

Fermented same as PA however dry hopped more than 4 times the amount PA. This is at 8g/l of dry hopping and is all added at the end of fermentation e.g. 3.5 P


Did you know that 4 million tonnes of food end up as landfill, enough to fill 8,400 Olympic sized swimming pools? What's even crazier is that a lot of that food is often unspoilt and still edible. OzHarvest Brisbane collects some of this food, turning it into over 200,000 meals, which are delivered to 150 local agencies each and every month.

60kg of potatoes destined for landfill were saved and donated by Oz Harvest to put in this Stone & Wood beer for Brewsvegas. The addition of two types of potato adds additional starch and enhances the smooth body of the beer. This strong pale ale is bursting with a healthy dose Galaxy, Enigma and Fortnight hops giving it a high hop aroma and flavour of tropical fruit and citrus aroma with a firm bitterness. Medium body with light malt flavour and aroma.

Malts: Pale malt, wheat, Munich
Potato and sweet potato
Hops: Galaxy, Enigma, Fortnight

ABV. 6.0%


Often referred to as a black beer or black pils, Schwarzbier is a german dark lager. Although its appearance may deceive you into assuming chocolate, sweet, big roast flavours and high alcohol, Schwarzbier is in fact a highly restrained and balanced style that drinks smooth, with a medium body, and a subtle dark malt character. Our Schwarzbier displays a medium malt aroma with only a hint of roast, a low hop aroma, and clean lager yeast character. The beer drinks smooth, dry, and refreshing. Only mild roast characters lingering on the palate and no harsh astringency from the roasted malt is perceived. Our unfiltered Schwarzbier pours dark brown with a slight haze and tightly packed white head.

ABV 4.7%


Smoke on the Porter is just as it sounds: dark roasty malt...and smoke! Darkly toasted malts provide aromas and flavours of roasted barley, hints of coffee, dark chocolate. A firm bitterness comes from the kettle hops and black malts. Additions of malts smoked over Cherry Wood and Apple Wood take this beer to another level. An ABV of 7.1% carries the smoky, charred, BBQ-like flavours and aromas, whilst allowing the beer to finish smooth and satisfying.

ABV 7.1%


Rich, dark, velvety, and boozy. This barrel aged imperial stout is known only as "X". It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is ...Stone and Wood's 10 year anniversary!!!
This deeply complex beer does not hold back on layers of flavor. Dark chocolate, tobacco, and roasted malt dominate the initial impressions. Search deeper and you might find prunes, vinous port notes, coffee, burn sugar, wood and cherry.
Roasty aromas from the dark malts are accompanied by subtle berry esters, hints of rum and vanilla, licorice and candied orange peel.
The beer drinks dangerously smooth at 10%ABV. It balances the malty sweetness of crystal and roasted malts with a firm dark chocolate bitterness, a pleasing astringency and warming alcohol.
ABV 10%


Infused with local bush ingredients and raw Flow Hive honey, our Pilot Batch collaboration is a refreshing cream ale.

Dreamt up by artist, Jonas Claesson, local inventor Cedar Anderson, and wild chef Sarah Glover, who all share a love for the natural world, the beer has native notes of floral honey, smoked wattle seeds, ginger and strawberry gum that work in harmony with a light malt flavour, finishing dry and crisp.

ABV 5.3%


This gose pours pale straw, tart lemon shows on the palate with a slightly salty and acidic tang on the finish. This beer has been brewed with a touch of coriander and has been dry hopped with Citra hops.
ABV 4.5% alc.vol
Cryer Me a Saison

Our rustic unfiltered Saison has a brilliant white head from generous additions of wheat in the grist. The expressive Belgian yeast strain offers aromas of spice, clove and hay. Additions of noble hops build on the herbaceous and spice aromas, while coriander seeds added during fermentation provide mild spice on the palate. The higher alcohol content allows the complex flavours and aromas of this saison to be fully expressed and appreciated.

ABV 7.5%


This Belgium farmhouse style ale uses a simple malt bill of wheat and barley malts. A Belgium strain of yeast delivers aromatic complexity of cooking spices, along with a dry satisfying finish. Native Australian bush ingredients of strawberry gum leaves and pepper berries add further complexity and depth of flavour to this already thought provoking beer.

ABV 5.8%abv