Our Backyard Invitational festival’s this weekend



We’re looking forward to hosting our first Backyard Invitational festival this weekend in a Brisbane.

We plan on holding this event every year somewhere in our backyard.

Our intention is to create an intimate flavour filled event where people can take their time to explore the full spectrum of beer and other things that are available today. Where they can meet the people behind the products whether that be the founders / owners or brewers etc. Somewhere where they feel safe to learn about what goes into making the fine array of products and how flavours are developed. Somewhere where you get to know what you like and maybe even what you don’t like.

The small selection of exhibitors will evolve every year but the constant theme will be to have a blend of producers from our backyard and some from far away. Having the first one in Brisbane means we are having a few Brisbane brewers and a range of others from Sydney, Canberra, Victoria and Tasmania. In future years the event could be on the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, or in the Northern Rivers and we will then be inviting brewers from those areas together with brewers from outside of our backyard.

It's incredible our indie brewing community has grown to over 500 breweries…. It’s just hard that we can only have 25 join us each year at this stage!

Because it’s our 10th year and our first event we wanted to have a list of brewers that we have had some connection with over the years whilst also staying true to our geographical plan.

Having a handful of distillers and food producers from the Northern Rivers exhibit at the event gives them the opportunity to showcase the basket of riches that part of the world has to offer.

The festival is a tasting event which means your entry ticket gives you the opportunity to have as many 150ml tastings as you would like, so you get to try a wide variety of products. In this environment a small taste together with some newfound knowledge from a brewer or a masterclass will make a learning experience.

Of course we couldn’t have a Stone & Wood event without some music to create a relaxed vibe.

In addition to the treats from Salumi and Nimbin Valley Dairy, there will be food trucks...

Make sure you arrive early as there’s plenty of things to experience....so don’t let it all start without you!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!