Big fruity hops... A cloudy haze... Refreshing Finish...

Inspired by our home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops. Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish.

green coast lager bottle
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An Original Was Born

Recently, other breweries have started using our beer's name. We thought you might like an insight into the original...

Knocking back beers around the brewery's kitchen table in 2008, the boys dreamt up the perfect beer for this part of world.

Imagine, you've just spent a cracking morning down at The Pass, Byron Bay, the sun's belting down and as you make your way across to the pub the salt is still drying on your back and you're ready for a beer... a beer to satiate your thirst.

Pacific Ale was born... A fresh, approachable beer that sums up the laid back lifestyle of the Northern Rivers of NSW, one of the greatest places on Earth.