Stone Beer 2017 Barrel-Aged

The magic of barrel-ageing beer...


Yep, that's right! We've just whisky barrelled away a batch of the 2017 Stone Beer to release next year...We caught up with our Pilot Brewer Sam to discuss the reason behind why we barrel-age some of our beers and what characteristics are produced from barrel-aging in whisky barrels.

Cheers for taking some time away from the madness of the Pilot brew deck to answer a couple of Q's Sam...

Why do we barrel-age our Stone Beer?

Barrel ageing our Stone Beer adds several more layers of complexity to this unique beer.

Why do we use whisky barrels to age the beer?

Whisky barrels provide additional flavours that harmonise beautifully with those already displayed in Stone Beer.

How long are we planning to barrel-age the 2017 Stone Beer for?

12 months, the same as our latest barrel-aged release.

What flavours and characteristics does barrel-aging produce?

From the barrel we get some oak/vanilla flavours, loads of whisky notes, some alcohol comes back out of the wood and there is often a subtle funky element added to the beer too.

Does it get better the longer you age it?

Once in bottled or kegs it’s really a beer designed to be consumed soon than later, with a friend or loved one…

Barrel-age Stone Beer 2017 bar and pub listings:
Stone & Wood Tasting Room - Byron Bay, NSW
Rails - Byron Bay, NSW
Bangalow Hotel - Bangalow, NSW
Lester & Earl - Gold Coast, QLD
Bine Bar & Dining - Gold Coast, QLD
Archive Beer Boutique - West End, QLD
The Scratch Bar - Milton QLD
Tipplers Tap - South Brisbane, QLD
Brewski Bar - Brisbane, QLD
Peregian Beach Hotel - Peregian Beach, QLD