Our exciting next chapter...

With thirty eligible employees accepting the latest annual share offer, 72% of our team are now owners in the business.

Each year we welcome more of the team as partners and shareholders, after working for at least one year in the business.

It isn’t just about what we brew but how we do business. We’re committed to having our highly talented team be co-owners and share in the value they are creating.

The employee share scheme is one benefit of our Brewlife program which is built on ‘brewing a good life’, so we place great importance in bringing the right people on, who respect the vision and contribute to cultivating the brewery’s unique culture.

We believe that to create a sustainable business for generations to come, we all need to have ‘skin in the game'...

With a number of small breweries being bought out by large global brewers, and the same global brewers launching brands that on the surface look like small breweries, we are firmly focussed on remaining a local independent brewery that supports the community and creates value for its stakeholders.

Our Share Scheme not only gives the team a sense of pride and ownership when they come to work each day but it has the potential to generate a nest egg for them and their family over time...

We are inspired by the idea of being a village brewery and this includes the vision of all our employees becoming owners in the business in the future, alongside the founders.

We stand with other independent businesses who have taken the direction of employee ownership including New Belgium Brewing Co in The States which is 100% employee owned.