Strawberries & Cream Berliner

Now pouring through the taps at our tasting room...

Most of us know and love those soft, little, red and white lollies called ‘strawberries & cream’. A lolly that our packaging crew member Brendan wanted to translate into liquid format.

An avid homebrewer, Brendan first dropped the beer at our 2018 company Christmas Party on a warm December afternoon. As it flowed from the taps, the colour, aroma and balance of the beer took everyone by surprise. It was an instant success.

Since then, Brendo has brewed it a couple more times to prove that it wasn’t a fluke and leading up to a scheduled bigger brew at the Byron pilot brewery, everything was looking good! However, due to the colder temperatures lately and change in equipment, the late souring method just wasn’t working. So, the crew tweaked the brew sheet and opted for a kettle sour instead.

The result? Another delectable beer from the Pilot Batch brewery. Our Strawberry & Cream Berliner pours with a light pink hue and bursts with strawberry aromas and flavours. Wheat malt and lactose adds a pillowy mouth feel and kettle souring brings a rounded finish. This beer has plenty of layers and is worth driving miles to our tasting room for a sampling.

4.2% Alc/Vol

Brendo in action on the brew deck brewing his crowd favourite Strawberries & Cream Berliner.