The Father of Pacific Ale Saga Continues...

What drinkers are saying about The Prequel....

Last week, we re-released The Prequel for the third time back into the wilderness. Our ultra-dry-hopped Australian style ale had our thirsty drinkers salivating, so we thought...why not release it again? Let's give the people what they want...The father of Pacific Ale saga continues.

This beer pours hazy gold and full strength. It has more than 25 times the number of galaxy hops than Pacific Ale, 99.5% of which was added into the whirlpool for maximum flavour and aroma. The copious additions of Galaxy hops offer powerful aromas of passionfruit, pineapple, mango and citrus. Its bold hop character is refreshingly balanced by a low bitterness, finishing dry and crisp...

The Prequel flew through the tap in our tasting room last week and we wanted to hear the feedback online. So, we've turned to Untappd to find out what our drinkers had to say about The Prequel re-release. Here's a handful of comments to get you thirsty...Want to be the judge? Find a stockist here and shout your mates a round this weekend.


412 ratings | 3.9 / 5 rating on UnTapped

"Citrus passionfruit nose and flavours, with a bitter citrus and slightly malty finish. Super smooth and easy drinking, bloody tasty mates!" - Aussie B

"An absolute knock out. Flavoursome, and smashable, a more than worthy Prequel." - Tom S

"Hopped up version of their Pacific Ale. Beautiful." - Paul C

"You lads need to get on this before it's gone. It's pacific ale on steroids" - Andrew B

"This all that was left! Terrific brew. Headed for the core range we hope!" - Jason P


WATCH: The Prequel is Back!