The Sharer

Share your beer… Rinse - Return - Refill - Repeat

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What is The Sharer?

The Sharer is our glass vessel used to carry beer… beer that’s been poured straight from the source, at our Byron Brewery’s Tasting Room.

The Sharer keeps your beer super fresh and is 100% reusable… a tasty way to reduce your footprint.

It's our version of the increasingly popular Growler setups offered in the craft beer world.  And will give you easy access to our Pilot Batch explorations.

How it works.

It's pretty easy.

On your next visit to the Byron Brewery, simply purchase The Sharer 1L bottle and pick your first fill.

Choose from any of the Pilot Batches, Beers from our Backyard or Seasonal brews.

Then head out into the world, grab some friends and enjoy a fresh brew together at home, at a BYO place, or wherever your heart (and the law) desires!

Once you're finished, give the bottle a rinse and let it dry out.

Next time your cruising past the Brewery, pop your head in, swap your bottle for a fresh refill of the latest batch and do it all again!


We're keeping it pretty simple.

To buy the Bottle & get your first fill, it's $20.  For every fill after that, it's just a flat $15.

And if you just like the bottle, or don't have time to drink your beer before you jump on that plane, you can grab an empty bottle for $10.



Care Instructions

The Sharer tastes best fresh and shared.
Beer is best consumed within three days and for optimum freshness, a day or two after purchase. Once opened, share the beer with friends and drink within a couple of hours. This will prevent the beer from losing condition and going flat.

Handle with care…
The Sharer is made from glass and has the potential to chip, crack or shatter if handled carelessly.

Treat The Sharer as you would a bottle of beer.
Store it somewhere that’s cold (between 0 – 5 degrees C) and dark, not in direct sunlight, the burning hot back seat of a car or a freezer…. This may cause the beer to spoil, the glass to crack or The Sharer to explode.

Keep it clean.
Once consumed, give it a rinse.  When you return it to us, we will clean it properly and make sure it’s in good condition for your next refill.

Bring it back!
Bring it to our brewery’s Tasting Room in Byron for a fresh beer refill. Alternatively store it with the lid unsealed until your next visit.



Why can’t I get Pacific Ale in a Sharer?
We are only filling beers that you can’t already buy in bottles. We have launched the Sharer so people have the opportunity to take home some of the beers they can’t get anywhere else. We have a bloody good bottling line up at M’Bah that does a very good job of bottling all of our other beers!

Why can’t you fill my Growler bottle that I’ve brought in?
We want to make sure that our beer is served and consumed in its best possible state, which is why we clean and sterilise our Sharers before they’re filled.

 Why can’t you just fill my Sharer that I’ve brought back, rather than give me a fresh one?
As per the above, we clean and sterilise the bottles and this takes time!