Our visit to Caroona Aged Care in Yamba

Returning the favour….

Our visit to Caroona Aged Care in Yamba

A while back, we were honoured to have members from Caroona Aged Care’s Home Brew Club visit our Brewery in Byron. We shared lunch, beers, stories and a few brewing secrets.

Not long after we received a handwritten invitation from Ray, the Home Brew Club’s ‘Chief’, inviting us to return the favour and join them in Yamba when they to crack the lids off and share their ‘Resident’s Brew’ over lunch…With them assuring us of the brew’s quality and taste, and the opportunity to spend more time with such passionate souls, it was an offer we could not refuse!

So, on Wednesday a crew of us headed south to Yamba to reconnect with our mates.

With beers in hand, we were greeted by the entire residency! Our brewers, Neil, Jess and Paul were quick to sample the ‘Residents Brew’ and get straight down to business with fellow homebrewers, talking ferment times, temperatures and quality. The rest of the crew soaked in the sunshine, stoked to be meeting some friendly new faces, exchanging stories and simply enjoying each other’s company. After a delicious lunch, our precious time with the oldies had come to an end. We had beer to thank for being the amazing connector of an unlikely friendship, bringing us together with the Caroona folk. We left with warm hearts, a tad tipsy from the rocket fuel ‘Resident’s Brew’ and with a promise to return again soon…