Watch: The Origins of Stone Beer

This year, we took the Stone Beer story back in time.


This Saturday at Festival of the Stone, we’re tapping our annual winter limited release – Stone Beer – for the first time.

This year’s Stone Beer (coming June 5th) is a decadently dark wood-fired porter, with rich aromas and flavours of well-roasted barley, dark chocolate and coffee finished with kettle hops and black-malt bitterness.

We started brewing this in early May on Stone Brew Day, when we invited friends from the brewing community to help us. In homage to history, we mimicked our brewing ancestors by adding wood-fired stones into the kettle, lending smoky caramel notes to the beer.

And in an extra show of reverence – and in the name of a good laugh – this year, we took the Stone Beer story back in time.

Donning flat caps and old-era gear, our brewers withstood serious smoke machine action and several minutes of long-distance staring while we captured all the dramatic lighting we could. What’s more, our man Gaz from Square Keg added another layer of smokiness with a homemade voiceover.

Of course, we’re stoked that we can enjoy the ancient practice of stone brewing in the 21st century and stand in awe of how brewers made beer without electricity back then.

But hey, we’re always down for a laugh, too.

Stone Beer 2019 will be tapped and stocked around Australia from Monday 10 June.

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