Way Down Ale Coming to the UK

A Stone & Wood x Fullers Collaboration

If you’ve been out and about in London town, you most probably have come across our beers. We made the choice a few years back to not let our expats battle through the freezing winters and not be rewarded come summer, so we started sending our Pacific Ale and now also our Cloud Catcher up to the UK.

Earlier last year, UK brewer Fullers asked us to be a part of their Fullers and Friends series.

The project sees Fullers partnering with six breweries from around the world to create a unique mixed six-pack of beers. Each partner brewery is paired with a Fuller’s brewer and given full creative freedom – including the style of beer, the flavour, the name and label design. The beers are packaged together for launch as a mixed pack for Waitrose.

We were honoured to be chosen as one of the international brewers to take part and the enthusiasm and passion of Head Brewer Georgina Young and her brewing team was incredibly infectious, to a point that we were genuinely excited to be a part of it.

Our Co-founder Brad Rogers, along with our UK representative Pat Keeble brewed a special Australian Ale called Way Down Ale at the end of January.

Their team interviewed Brad about the experience and to also find out more about the beer which will be released on 1 April. Check it out and find out more about the upcoming collab here