When Our Team Become Partners

We congratulate our newest employee shareholders

Last week the entire Stone & Wood and Fermentum family came together in our new spiritual home in Byron Bay for Team Day, an all-day team event where we catch-up with each other and align on our activity, goals and mission.


It’s also a great opportunity for our crew from different departments to connect and learn about each other’s roles – for customer service team to hear what’s happening in engineering, for the road crew to touch base with our people in finance, and so on.


Every year, as part of Team Day, we congratulate our newest employee shareholders – and this year, we had a whopping 27 coming on as partners.


Committed to independence and sustainability, we run our employee share scheme as part of our Brewlife program. As thanks to our team for their contribution to our growth and culture, we invite them to purchase shares in the company in the year following their first 12 months in the business.


Besides helping to create a nest egg for our team and their families, the employee share scheme is about sharing the success with everyone and generating a sense of pride and ownership in the place we come to work.


Today, over 70 per cent of our team are shareholders – we’re proud to welcome the next lot of partners to the team. Congratulations, guys!